Between Kings and Queens

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Page 93

19th Apr 2019, 12:54 PM in Chapter 2
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Page 93
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JenJen 19th Apr 2019, 12:54 PM edit delete
Want to read the pages early? PATREON!


Big Nemo 19th Apr 2019, 1:22 PM edit delete reply
Big Nemo
Wow 8-O

This girl is going to be a great Queen.

Now, how to explain that bruise to Ayumu?...
MK_Wizard 19th Apr 2019, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
A part of me hopes her mother will try something just so she can be jailed for it after. I know that's an awful thing to say, but she needs the lesson.
txinaz 19th Apr 2019, 8:00 PM edit delete reply
love her backbone
Dera Nuel 21st Apr 2019, 2:15 AM edit delete reply
Dera Nuel
Very brave. Though I doubt her mother will back down easily
Icefall Kitsune 26th Apr 2019, 5:07 PM edit delete reply
Icefall Kitsune
She probably won't. Which means she will very likely be conspiring in the background using 3rd parties for her dirty work.